Gary's Guidance: More than Just Showing Up

March 2012


Gary’s Guidance

More than Just Showing Up

In my work I have opportunities to interact with employees working in various senior living communities.  I recently had the pleasure of talking with an older adult who resides in one of those places that offers what is commonly known as assisted living care.  We discussed the notion of “showing up.”  Our talking evolved into how people have to show up in order to participate.  By participating we agreed that one needs to pay attention, be productive, be accountable, and admit to making mistakes.  Optimally, they also have to be a team player and participate by solving problems.  During our discussion, I reflected on something that I constructed several years ago that I thought were important traits or standards for one to possess in working in the service industry.  I wanted to work with people who have the kind of personality attributes that lead to achievement and success.  I refer to them as P to the power of 11:

Personable    Professional    Positive    Proud    Patient    Planner

Persistent    Problem-solver    Performance

Purposeful    Politeness

When my discussion with the older adult nearly came to an end, he smiled and said:  “if I were hiring staff I would hold staff to the higher standards that go beyond the duty of just showing up.”  We then continued to talk about the above P’s to the 11th power.

In my working with families and helping older adults transition into senior living communities, I take into account whether staff collectively possess the P to the power of 11.  If they do, then you have found one of the better residential environments for a senior to live. ☺

Gary Kozick, LCSW