Gary's Guidance: Reinventing Who We Are

January 2012

With the start of a new year some of you may have already reflected on how you fared in 2011. Perhaps only a few moments were taken to think about what transpired and which things actually mattered. Maybe a more in-depth or introspective approach was done while considering how things impacted you during the past year.

Now, as 2012 evolves, we can begin reinventing who we are. One can start over and have another chance to make things right. Here are some guidelines for self-direction, and areas to focus when reinventing who you are:

  • Primary relationship – Decide how you want to invest in making your primary (spouse or partner) relationship better. Set a specific goal that one or both can achieve.
  • Work/school/volunteer – Develop manageable short-term objectives as a means to an end. Set reasonable expectations during the process of achieving the goal.
  • Meaningful occupation of time – Resume a hobby/ interest that you stopped, or start a new leisure activity. Invite someone to participate with you.
  • Health (physical and emotional wellness) – Set easy to complete goals related to a condition that you have. Make them known to your primary care physician or support person for added accountability.
  • Parenting and/or grand parenting – Set a goal to increase your availability to a loved one and engage them with an activity that they select or enjoy
  • Spirituality – Rededicate yourself to discovering spirituality through different means (i.e.: reading, prayer, choir, attending, etc.).
  • Relationships with friends and extended family – Make a new friend. Set a goal to contact friends and relatives that you have not contacted over 3 – 6 months.
  • Chores or activities related to daily living – Just do something that you have been putting off. Stop procrastinating and get it done.

In closing, we define who we are by what we do.☺

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Originally appeared in the Arbor Terrace:  A Senior Living Residence monthly newsletter, January 2012