Gary's Guidance: Something to Fuss About or Is It Fussing Over Nothing

September 2011

What is all the fuss about?  We do have a choice to fuss or not.  Sometimes it is just so hot like a heat index of 105˚ degrees Fahrenheit which was recently experienced.  Most of us were fussing about it, and it was legitimate.

Some people are predisposed to fussing.  Sometimes they are actually unaware of how they sound to others.  Even worse, an opinion is given on how to remedy a complaint, but they will not take action to solve it!  They are known as chronic complainers.  You know who they are.  I hope you are not one of them.  Fussing can be equated to worry, bother, and complaining.

Wikipedia’s reference:  “Fuss pot is also a common term used today to describe someone who is in an angry state.”

Here is how to deal with a fuss pot:

1). Ignore them (sometimes that works).  2). Smile and say:  “have a good day.” 3). Offer a solution.  4). Ignore again.  5). Get away from them as fast as you can. 6). Ignore, no…better yet, yell at them (probably not a good idea).  7). Listen, ignore, empathize, listen, ignore, etc.  8). Say:  “I hear ya and walk away (probably not a good idea).  9). Disengage, deflect (change subject), distract, or disassociate.  10). If any of the previous remedies do not work…get out of town!

Any of the above remedies may be tried and may or may not work.  Bottom line:  some people are stuck in being a fuss pot and nothing will make them happy.  Avoid the fuss pot as much as possible. ☺

Gary Kozick, LCSW

Originally appeared in the Arbor Terrace: A Senior Living Residence monthly newsletter, September 2011)